DEEP HEALTH architecture

how we work.....

we look at your goals.  who do you want to be?  does your life support you?

  1. How would you like to change your life experiences?

  2. Does your home and community support your interests in becoming healthier, more productive and more efficient?

  3. let's look at how you can be closer to your food, the gardens, in your neighborhood.  let's get closer to the source of what nutrition can be.

  4. let's love the process of getting healthier and happier for you and your family.


Knowing who you are is essential.

  1. the morning ritual is your first effort at awakening into YOU.  Who do you want to be?  

  2. the words and actions you use to create your identity are your identity.

  3. The community you live in and create defines your boundaries and your potential.  


you're going to experience new opportunities with food and your body.

  1. we'll develop food menus, with specific foods that work best for you.

  2. we'll build a new support crew. 

  3. we'll create efficient tasks to save energy and time.

  4. we'll build fun, beautiful food that you can create with your tools and your space.

  5. we'll create a space that's inspiring to work in, dine in, create in.

some of the tools we use for beyond food:

  1. attention to food- not nutrition, but food.  What is food...?  Like this.

  2. meditation and mind training. STARTING simple.  BE CONSISTENT.....CHECK IT OUT HERE.

  3. Happiness vs health charts.  Check it out HERE.

  4. body training- movement- make it fun, make it creative, structured play.  LIke this..

  5. recovery for performance- heal injuries, prevent injuries, understand past injury.

  6. team- building a supportive team, specialists, colleagues. Check it out here.

  7. science- to give you the confidence that this isn't a new idea.  check it out here.

  8. writing, making videos, documenting your story, so you see the work you've done!! check out this