deep health project

some of my speaking topics are below....but here's the deep health blueprint story.  

I started this health project to follow through with an interest to change the world from a very young age, while brushing my teeth.  Not looking for a dictator type of role, i wanted to be a contributor, enabler of people, creatively leading, exploring and owning up to life.

more of a creator than world leader, i call myself a health architect.  i see health as a project; constantly evolving, as projects should.  It's creative; it needs to be, or it goes sour fast.  deep health links us to the universe, links us to possibilities beyond what we see in the mirrors as our bodies, to our ability to love, heal, be curious, and investigate our existence.  

my health blueprint reflects the rough edges and the bright spots, the way life is.  the blueprint is about the way time and our bodies, minds, reveal obstacles, injuries, weather, and eventually healing. 

the blueprint is based on our bodies and mind's inherent design to heal. and the blueprint is a guide to developing the intelligence and skills over time to navigate through that process and become a version of brilliance.  and all we have to do is keep looking, keep being curious, keep moving, keep going.

by Changing, adapting, falling, learning And grounding with a good foundation in personal priorities, I have build layers, come back to my private most intimate spaces to connect with myself and my community, both real, virtual, and.....imaginary.  I am the architect of my deep health.

that is the construct of my imperfect version of truth, the health blueprint.

coffee in Leucadia.

coffee in Leucadia.


Living lighter, richer and more detailed: life in flight


Living with less, finding more richness in slowing down, interacting with different types of people, being at peace midair.  being a diver, mountain biker, skier, meditation in motion and in stillness. racing slowly.  the paradoxes.



Vikings; creativity and story telling, and life and death.


Vikings were explorers, artists, tenacious athletes and storytellers.  But above all, they loved to navigate into a new adventure and find new territory to occupy.  their universe was complete. with an afterlife in valhalla.  so they could get to work without fear of death.  and they got a lot done.  How can we live such full and rich lives? 


Deep Health: peeling away layers, embracing trauma, preventing injury.


Uncovering layers of illness, injury, trauma and finding what and where the trauma lies.  Digging deep to the source and releasing it.  working with the trauma through your body.  injury and repair, peeling away until you can massage the pain, change it's trajectory, and transform the tension into power.  Where joy lies underneath.



Knocking down obstacles, kicking up dust, and eating dirt.


our Perception of obstacles is different than the reality.  It’s just semantics. Look under the detritus, the scum, the layer on top, do basic ritual, let the stuff rise to the top.  Once you taste dirt, it may not taste that bad.  life on a mountain bike is chock full of life lessons.


Lifting up strangers, finding magic rocks, cooking raw.


Interact and recognize others.  Give your strength to others, look for magic rocks, and don’t stop looking.  Concocting your own recipe for food, creativity and life with your own raw skills.  be curious, be inquisitive, investigate.   and commit.  diy health.


Peeling away layers, layering peels, stacking miles, breathing dust.


Unpacking yourself, understanding the layers of lives, memory, language, muscle, fiber, tissue- and rebuilding that back up again, looking at what you’re taking in and digesting.  Is that what you want?  shape shifting to your authentic self. 



Chasing the Jones, diluting loam, winning at the fall.


Chasing someone elses ideals you don’t even know, understanding that our original rich soil, earth, is compromised, learning to fall gracefully.  Owning up to your thoughts, actions, and dreams.  being completely committed.  our fear of falling may be very simple to erase.  learn to fall.


Hunting dreams, gripping mantras, finding ballast.


Dreams are fluid and changing, so why can’t your view change as you partake in the hunt for your dreams.  be in your space, strategize an outcome, plan for success.  Be a hunter.   Don’t hold onto mantras, let them influence you.  seizing them would diminish their strength.  Find your center; allow it to change, like in the hull of a boat; and keep strengthening your foundation.  Sailing, you shift your weight constantly.  Learn to love that.

Polishing the view, doing time, digging the trench.


The view, the vision, the plethora of lives that give you humility, and structure.  Where are you in the universal scheme of things?  Figure it out and devote yourself to understanding this order, then redefine it.  Do the time, studying, praying, and dedicating yourself and your life to something, someone, somehow bigger than yourself. The deconstruct and do it again.