3 hour consult and recommendations

3 hour consult and recommendations


1 hour phone consult reviewing your goals, your kitchen and storage.

Analysis of cooking space and pantry.  

1 hour consult discussing recommendations on improving the nutrient density, quality and joy of food, cooking and your personal experience with food.

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Hello, I'm Lena, Health Ambassador.  I will guide you through my personal approach to eat, move, think.  This is my plan to thriving health, increasing vitality and focus that has enabled me to walk into my dreams and motivates me to keep building new ones.  I customize plans for you based on my training, nutrition experience and MOST IMPORTANT, a plan that inspires, motivates and is FUN for you.  

DAILY activities, podcasts, recipes, and movement or exercise (!) to eat, move, think, that make you feel good, make you laugh and make you feel successful, because it's YOURS! I'm so excited to spread this infection....?!!

I'm dedicated to motivating people towards more sound health practices because I believe when we change our mindswe change our health.  When we change our health, we feel empowered.  When we're empowered, we do crazy things like take care of ourselves, our ecosystem, our families and the exponential effect of health is lit.  We catalyze growth and positivityand that's infectious!!  That's the only kind of infection I want.  What about you?? 

Do you want to own your body and mind?  And not be manipulated by the media?  Do you want to enable consumption of goods, food, or practices that are life reinforcing or enabling, and have access to the specific things, people, practices that are all about YOUR HEALTH?.  

Your success means success for our planet, for humanity.  On this precarious ledge our world sits on, the profound personal decision to be accountable, responsible, and activate your health is the revolution we're waiting for.  No health care system, exercise program or diet will deliver what you're about to do here.  The change to health happen by defining your practices, your life, and clarifying what is genuine.