vital retreats

These retreats are for fun, playful, intelligent, dedicated people who are committed to learning more about owning their personal health story and making life an amazing experience.


deep health. backcountry wellness

Exploring places where we don't have full bars, or all the amenities we THINK we need.  In that context, we live lighter, larger, in more detail, awakening the senses and establishing your personal daily ritual.  Grounding, in off the charts beautiful places, documenting with cooking, prepping, writing, moving and of course excellent sleeping.....zzzz.....

We redefine life, beauty, creativity and a new love for the subtle richness in everything.


deep health. investigate

Meet with a range of health specialists, who can give you deep insight into some ways you can further investigate your relationship with food, your health and healing.  We help you create your own strategy for health, your blueprint, with the support of a wise, brilliant community.

You walk away charged with a deep confidence and curiosity in your own health.



deep health. explore local

Let's explore locally where we can dig into exquisite food experiences.  And create some ourselves!  From local farm to table food, to local natural environments, we'll inhabit powerful spaces, eat delicious food close to the source while experiencing the power of natural environments.  Recharg with a high concentration of nutrient dense life.

New energy to take on your existing world with vigor and calm.