professional mountain biker,  speaks about training and managing the mind, awareness on and off the bike, being patient with growth and change.  

Being ok with being human, trusting yourself and how her coaching support is catapulting her into a new level of growth.


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Kristen Kiem The human side of sport and performance.

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Beth converses with Liz Larocque at the Wild Women in Hiding conference about the role of the Coach, the risks and rewards of being a gravity athlete, and adventuring safely and responsibly in the wild.


Beth talks with Yoga + Life magazine about healing from trauma, the natural chaotic events in life that derail us and strategizes how to get out from under the weight of our own beliefs and limitations so we can become accountable for our actions.


Beth is interviewed by Fit, Fierce and Fabulous podcast crafter, Courtney Bentley of Fit, Fierce and Fabulous.  We discuss life, death, and movement, finding stillness in chaos, and healing through breath.  We talk gravity sports and being clear about who you are; being genuine and authentic.