We want 'it' all.  We are willing to put ourselves through extraordinary circumstantial stressors to explore the 'it'.  This is about how we take on stress and recover, repeat.  But if you don’t fully recover, allow your parasympathetic nervous system to fully engage, get out of fight or flight, that stress ride leads to anything from chronic pain, illness, sleeplessness, etc.  Learning to breathe may be the underestimated link to restorative living in the midst of chaos. 

Yesterday, I mountain bike trained an hour, strength trained an hour, walked an hour and did an hour of yoga.  Was interviewed for a podcast about near death experiences and healing.  In between, I had a deep medic massage focusing on an on-going leg injury. The massage was so intense it brought me to tears.  Then, I come home to pull a baby bunny out of my dog’s mouth and attempt to secure it in a safe dark space with grasses so it can take a shot at resting.  Woke up to my realtor asking to show the house.  ASAP.  The less than sparkling clean house.  With wild half alive bunny in laundry room.  Then, the girls text to tell me they’re packing up now for the mountain bike and mojito girls weekend in the mountains. 

This is about managing stress.  Because though I do different things than some, many of us want 'it' all, or we want more, and we push and push all directions to be in many places at once, or be many different people at once.  I love to train, travel, work, create, race, ad infinitum.   Creating and managing stress is what we’re capable of doing.  How do we manage, when to we know we’ve reached our threshold and collapse or injure ourselves?  A life in the day…..

I started the day slowly with caffeine from green jasmine tea, a blend that contains antioxidants.  We need ample antioxidants, to counteract the free radicals generated from exercise.  Then, gentle yoga, so gentle that I’m lying down most of the time, and breathing exercises while meditating to generate circulation.  I’m outside, in the garden, pre sunrise.  I want to get fats restored so I can keep burning fats and carbs.  Fats burn more efficiently, and aren’t stored as fat.  I’m not on a ketogenic approach to food, but I’m certain that I function more efficiently with more clean fats.  I’m more energetic, more alert.

Then, cashew milk with matcha powder, half banana, basil, chaga mushroom, maca powder, reishi mushroom.  The mushroom kindom, I worship.  Chaga is an intense source of antioxidants and offers immune system support. Reishi supports calm nervous system, anti-stressor!  Maca is an adaptogen, stabilizing hormones, increasing energy levels, is high in calcium, amino acids and is nutrient dense.

Later, I have a more dense black bean vegan enchilada, filled with aminos.  Topped of with watermelon kombucha, frozen strawberries, ginger and turmeric mixed with a sparkling water.  All to combat inflammation and oxidative stress.   Then, as I’m craving a huge cupcake, I mix coconut yogurt with cacao and honey, and top it with crushed cashews- voilá- chocolate pudding.

Energy restored.  Yoga later, but very gentle restorative, concentrating on  at least 20 minutes of just breathing.  So, yes, go after 'it'.  Whatever 'it' may be for you.  But to sustain your pace, energy exertion, engage deep wellness.  Deep health.

Beth OlsenComment