The body- your body.  Is your health, mind, connection, your past and future.  Our bodies hold the database of experience, knowledge, to inform us of who we are- of what shapes our health, of how to live, and who we connect to.   Our bodies are access to information: life, love, mobility, and the documentation of happiness.  Through your nerves, you experience and remember- as sensation, emotion, memory.  That is a language- specifically your very own, whether you choose to listen or not.   By developing a clear pathway to nerves and muscles, senses, you gain an understanding of our health, witness subtle changes and learn how to adapt.  The power to listen to your body gives you the power to control emotion, health, sensation: your life.

The body is not a conduit, but a home, database, server for every vibration and information that moves within your life.  You translate the world through your body.  Tapping into that source of information gives the understanding to hear your health, your emotions, your sensations, love and pain- instead of letting them control you, drive you.  The unspoken knowledge connects us to other worlds.

In this body, that is specifically your language, your connection, it will parallel no others.  In opening your connection, you open knowledge to that dialogue known as health.  In knowing your body, your own experience, you unleash past experiences and gain the ability to work with them.

The very specific experience that you have and will have in your life is translated through knowing your body.  Moving, thinking, experiencing in this body that is irreplaceably yours.  Converting that package to your own conversation where your own body is your experience and cannot be duplicated or reinforced, or fixed.  

The body we walk in, breath from and make decisions from, is our terrain.  Ours to refine so that we are enabled, empowered and mobilized. In the conversation with our body, we can ‘control’ outcomes much more effectively than voting for someone else to change either the health care system, education system or marriage rights.  Epigenetics may be the key.

In our life trajectory, trauma will possibly hit, and continue to occur.  Life is defined by how we choose to experience and interpret these events.  And what we visualize, what messages we send from neuron to nerve changes our genetic expression.  From the organism we live in that’s willing to deliver instructions, feedback, directions, information, dreams aren’t piped, youtubed, instafed  or facebooked.  They’re ours to live and turn on or off.  We should find a way to live in our own dream until it becomes real.

From the body that is equipped to rebuild its 40 trillion-cell organism constantly, we can trust that, treated well, it is going to perform, to fight for your life when given the chance.  That's some serious multitasking.  Something we don’t need to interrupt, but find ways to encourage.

This is about how we choose to live in our bodies.  Free of guilt, shame, fear, rage, into respect and love.  Your body.  It doesn’t take esoterica or tantra, but it does take some support in stepping into the emotions that can become your body.  The emotions that take control, independently react to situations without your permission.  There are so many tools, and ways to approach this management of sensation and emotion.  To start: with gentle compassion, and deep patience, because ultimately, change takes time.  If there’s one piece in life we can afford to take the time to change, it’s the quality of the relationships with our bodies.  The thing we may worship and simultaneously ignore, abuse and beg, bend, demand so much, and more often than not, disrespect, because it’s not delivering what we want, or not looking like what we want, nor telling us the right information, or (!) failing for some reason we can’t understand.   Then we wrap it in the most bizarre of costumes that enables it to look and act like something we aren’t, to transport us to other identities so we can be perceived, perceive ourselves as something, anything, so we stop feeling the way we do about this thing we reside in. 

Beth OlsenComment