We need more beauty.  The kind of beauty that is dynamic, energizing, forgiving, gracious and freakishly relentless.  Where through good, bad, and pain, this kind of beauty is resilient, soft, and imperfect.  This beauty carries the tenacious vibration of evolving love- WHAT?! – that just can’t be shut down because the will to thrive dominates.  And things MUST change.  It is independent beauty that doesn’t require acknowledgement, affirmation, or confirmation.  It knows it is pure and whole.  And in that presence, it gives.  More and more.  And wherever that beauty goes, everything and everyone feels it.  A contagion irresistibly beyond words, but a feeling that vibrates on the level where you touch yourself in awe of the force that it sends when you cross it’s path.

The things and people of this kind of beauty have no resistance to rawness, vulnerability, imperfection, to evolving constantly and changing life forms even.  This beauty grasps at change, at moments, at richness that feels like slowed time, stalling even to the point where in that stillness is mid flight of a hummingbird’s wings, and dynamic power of shifting clouds.  It’s that raw pink light because it’s evoking memory of newness, vulnerability, and subtlety.  It’s that animal seduced by the stillness of time, and a full belly, caring nothing for opinion, lying in the sun.  The steam off a lake because in that steam are minerals, water converging into air, and cells, even tissue of fish being reborn.  Where tones blend, and the soft air has such a presence to make one pause and breathe deep so you feel your body pulse, and the oxygen flow through your skin and pores, and you feel the cells that are constantly being reborn so they can die to enable new cells to take over.  As if you’re underwater.  A cellular take over is in place and this type of beauty recognizes how powerful that is.  No photo image, word can capture this type of beauty because it’s not to be owned.  Gasp.


Beth OlsenComment