So many different types of fear, but you can recognize it by the sensations you get in your body.  Tuning into that sense, where you feel it, relaxing and acknowledging your fear, then deciding what you want to do with it is the next step.

I feel fear come in and by chest seizes up, my heart rate increases, shoulders raise, and my eyes start twitching faster.  Shorter breaths, more constriction.  For that type of fear, I take deep breaths through my nose and it gradually goes away.  I’m shocked at how quickly I can move that fear through the body.

Another fear; I’m on my bike or skis and my mind sees an obstacle, something that looks scary.  I tense my whole body.  Sometimes my mind will want to go so far as to visualize crashing, flying through the air.  I stop the image, look to flowing way to the other side, and place an abnormally huge grin on my face, say out loud “YES!”.  That never ceases to amaze me how well that works.

Another, I’m getting ready for a human interaction (date, interview, meeting….) and I’m feeling incompetent.  I’m saying to myself, how swift that unexpected and not normal but very conditional feeling arrived…..And so uninvited!  The temporary quality of the sensation is a reminder of how impermanent and transitory it is.  It’s just not me.  So, trust in ME, that’s all I am, that’s all I got, and what I’m going to deliver, receive, or say – and it’s going to simply come from my raw self.  I’m going to feel authentic, and feel like I presented or spoke the simplest, rawest version of myself.  Whatever happens after that, is not my business, nothing I can control.

Work with what you know, what you can control.  Starting with breath, you’re your body.  Scan and drop the vibration, tension of fear.  It’s not comfortable anyway.  OFTEN, I shake my body.  Feet planting hip width distance, arms hanging loosely, and I start shaking from the core.  Just slowly from side to side, then as vigorous as you need.  In the beginning, go slow and stay with it for a minute.  Get your breath involved, breathing in through the nose, out through the mouth.  And just get into the rhythm of shaking out the nerves, the toxins, the stress.  This done 3 times a day lets the nitric oxide move through and increase blood flow, circulation= energy.

Fear is related often to other events.  Period.  Above are just ways to move it through your body quickly without giving it leverage.  It may be severely traumatic, but getting it out of your body is the beginning step of working with it.  From that release, you then can develop the conversation.

Beth OlsenComment