Living in your body.  Deliberately.  Really listening to and simplifying what your body needs, is the foundation for building a clear, elegant, simple life.   The clear minded version, not just simplifying by selling objects, but understanding the body you live in, occupy, and reducing excess needs by connecting with your most basic and immediate needs.  When you break down the conversation: feel your breath, feel your emotions, and feel your body’s shifts, strengths, weaknesses, your paradigm shifts, you look at more immediate survival needs. And spend less time with the fleeting nature of emotions.  When you can make breath elegant, simple, giving it energy and nurturing it, your values shift to become more basic, you notice things differently.  Observing, and letting those sensations be interesting, but not overwhelming.  You can be curious, in awe, and not let them take you prisoner.  Because this body is so temporary and really needs so little to thrive, when it doesn’t get those elemental needs met, it will retaliate.  Elemental are: water, sleep, food, stillness and movement. 

I (and many others) want to live a simpler, lighter, smaller footprint kind of life.  The one that doesn’t feel defined by stuff, banking up things that hold conditional transactions with memories, or living in a place that’s so large, I forget to water the plants, because the trek is too far.  I’m alive when I have an awareness to the subtlety of the texture of air, light and layers of sound that make anything digital an offense.  The naked bare, rawness strips me to my core, and surrendering to that enables me to know exactly what I am, what I need, and who I am.  In that sphere, health doesn’t exist.  I am health.


Motion.  Being in awe of your body’s flexibility.  Mobility, range of motion.  These pieces of living are painful for some, fluid and a right of passage for others.   Being in a conversation with your body that enables clarity on the basic needs makes life really simple.  Those get out of whack, the body will let you know.  And move as you can, building daily on your range of motion.  Develop new neuropathways, new muscle memory, new routes to understanding your body/mind.

Stillness: Yoga/Meditation: your version in a still, or nearly still practice.  In this stillness, you allow the noise to move along without hopping on board.  The textures of stillness become more interesting, you become more resilient to the changes in your mind and body, and more understanding, patient with yourself.

Food:  In resetting, keep the food similar, like dahl and tea, fruit.  Keep it like clockwork, so your body doesn’t have to wonder, stress whether it’s getting fed.  Keep it simple for a while, until you feel settled, and understand what your body needs.. Very simple.

Water:  Constant, cold and warm, filtered.

Sleep: Follow your needs.  No deprivation.  Naps, Long nights.

Social:  Developing meaning.  Testing friends to see if they'll converse with you into places of vulnerability and rawness.  Stay with those conversations, where you can be authentic, uncertain, figuring things out without judgement.

I dream of a lighter life, who’s scope is larger, broader, my sweep of perspective is infinitely connected to people and animals beyond my immediate domain, and the new places and people I meet are equally expansive.  This isn’t a life in a neighborhood with covenants and fences.  This is a world woven together by trees, air, wild animals, rocks, wind and water.  The water is so close you can hear it, smell it, and feel it even if you’re not by the ocean.  The water flows through the air you breathe, because the ancient ocean that once was there, still persists through the memory in the sand and lightness of air.  And the animals linger, lurk silently scoping your quiet presence. 

Stuff is no longer.  You have what you need to balance your sensibility of your relationship with the world.  Your attention is to the curiosity in life.  Subtle shifts in clouds moves you with its tides.  You are no longer captain of your time.  Time draws you to relinquish need to control, but you still produce, create, mobilize from the energy of the life around you.  And the sense of clarity you have with yourself.  In that clarity, you connect with people and things and opportunities that are aligned.

The constant shifting of time and space is reflected in my disinterest in securing a legacy, or leaving a footprint.  I'm light and grounded at once, responsive to the connection I’m growing in the life around me.  Not waiting for news, ideas, calls, emails to shove me into fear of falling behind.  Not hanging on to ideas, people, feelings, of memory, but responding effortlessly to the energy that is presented when opportunity arrives.

An awareness and surrender come into alignment constantly.  With my whole body mind, and the space around me.

I’m going to create something new that’s not bound to walls, but to the sense; the feeling of being so present, there’s no urgency, regret, guilt.  I’m in love with my sense of life, like there’s no wanting, no lack.  At all.  So complete in my self, that people who interact in this unowned space feel fluid and unrestrained to be entirely raw and exposed, authentic and unpretentious.  Like the ocean asks me to surrender, allows fear to be present but trusting.  That trusting if you pay attention.

When I sink into that feeling, with myself, I stop resisting, feeling empty, looking for an answer and specific place to control my love.

We make transactions with experiences on infinite levels.  We move through the world typically not wanting to make choices about what we want to experience, and letting emotions drag us around.  Unpleasant experiences, we call ‘bad’.  

What if it’s not so important to see the big picture?  And in that we see what we need to see.  Knowing where you’re going isn’t the key.  Making moments rich are the key.  That slows time, makes time overlap, curve, connect more dots.  Digs into depth, not linear space.  Halts the fear and sends you into the expansive present.  There’s more fluidity in the way you think, move and sense things.  Your relationship with the world is light.  Your expectations aren’t conditional, they’re understood, accepted, non negotiable.  Light.

Beth OlsenComment