Been thinking about it lately.  Balance, mindfulness, exercise, happiness.  There are a lot of questions- how one creates, composes, develops happiness.  Then, how do you hang on to it?  And keep manufacturing it…..My thought is that we need to look less for happiness and stop trying so hard to be satisfied.  Happy is being where you are in yourself, the whole package, in the moment.  This sounds easy.   In this massive era of noise and stimuli, finding silence and stillness is golden.  Let’s look at why.

Silence can be beautiful, sensuous, tactile, subtle, intensely powerful, on and on.  Let’s say we have negotiated what’s wrong, what would make us happy, why, what's missing, and when and where even.  And we’re chanting positive mantras, engaging in more positive actions, behavior, have joined support groups, are on the right cocktail of meds or have gone completely vegan, or have some system of dieting, tracking, feeling appropriately guilty and rewarded.  Maybe we’re meeting with a therapist(s) and trainer, doctors and have great supportive friends. 

Why isn’t this combination working?  Because we are holding all that we are in that moment.  Recognizing first, that we are complete, and tapping into that resource is the foundation of happy.  We're constantly changing and that change is dynamic, it is life.  Moving with the change, instead of resisting, enables being awake to new evolution, to new layers of yourself.  the layers are interactive.  There is not just one refelction of yourself.  Our cells are consatntly dying and being rebuilt.  That IS who we are.  In the constant flux, we spend so much time trying to hold on to a persona, a fixed state of mind, of movement, that we lose the life generated to support us, to carry us in a momentum without effort.  We’re constantly changing.  What works for a day may not work next week.  If we to learn to listen and adapt, as opposed to resisting and setting systems that resist change, we go with flow…..as it’s said.  We understand flow to be the natural state of things, life, etc.  Flow isn’t something that’s achieved, it is everything.  Embracing fixed living systems defies life.  Our bodies are working like mad to combat the stress of ‘being healthy’, by generating new growth that giving yourself a cleanse in silence, feel yourself, feel how your body wants to relax into just being, be still, to feel how dynamic that is, you feel the movement in silence, in very subtle layers...  No mantras.  Just be still. 

Say you have these expectations, bucket lists, clockwork like task list, and there’s JUST NOT TIME to be quiet, cause your dreams need attention and the empire you’re building or want to build, or haven’t yet built is in need of your attention.   Conditions on happiness are ample.  You know you need to do a certain amount of things to be ‘balanced’, fulfilled, or healthy, whatever words you choose. 

But, if conditions aren’t even there, there’s no way to fail.  So, bailing on goal setting, image boarding, torturing yourself because you’re not someone else, may be ok.  Being in who you are, at the moment.  That’s the most difficult thing I’ve ever faced.

In being in your body, in the present, wherever you are, you’re clear about who you are and open to growth, not fighting who and where you are, and in that, you’re complete.  Happiness is in that part of quiet that you're often too busy to recognize.  It’s not a sensation; it’s not a feeling, or a great view, or experience with someone, or nice dinner.  It lies within you and you could be going through a tsunami.  You are grounded and solid.  That’s happy.  Everything else is fringe.  If someone walks into your sphere, or you create this amazing dinner party or sew up a fabulous dress (cause everyone does that), it’s natural.  If the tsunami happens on top of you,  or someone you love dies, that’s also natural.  It’s not a surprise.  You’re not immune to events, because change is life, but you KNOW what’s magic, what’s powerful and effective in generating more of these whole, happy MOMENTS, and you’re going to acknowledge it. 

It’s cause you laid the ground to ripen, to develop into something beyond you, to spill over into someone, something, receive more.   And you’re not afraid; you’re ready to let go of what people tell you about yourself.  Because you are interested in expanding.  i.e. (the chatter…..’I’ll be happy if I get that certain thing, that specific person, this mountain of cash, I need to be in a 5000 sq ft house on the ocean, with a 6’2” dark haired CEO and lots of couches, and wine, etc.’….is gone)  And the struggle being about what you’re not, what you don’t have, who you’re not.- that struggle is gone.  That search for peace, balance, internal struggle that encourages the opposition- that’s gone.  And you’re listening to the voice of more, of what turns you on, not sexually, but what ignites your cells, what makes you feel connected.  What makes you whole, what is your lifeline of energy and vitality?  

When you follow that thread, without resistance, you know how to keep following that thread.  You’re not alone, not lead by hope, which likes to bind to fear, but being, which doesn’t have conditions.  Not hope, because you already ARE the thing you hope for- just peel away, peel away the longing, hope, and be with yourself, wherever you are.  You need nothing other than to RECOGNIZE.  You recognize your energy, the energy in others and things that fly in your fly zone.  Even if you’re dying- how much can you do to revitalize the energy you DO have?  You can only be who and what you are.  We’re all dying.   So, let life happen, and spill into you with all your might.   Happiness binds with that lack of resistance.  And when you settle into it, we can create a vacuum where there’s nothing but space for happiness.  And happiness, it just gets sucked in.  How??

Changing what you want.  Make happy now.  Make yourself want more of YOU, cause you are whole.  Pick up the missing pieces that you left at some point.  That you dropped off when someone told you that you weren’t right, or whole.  But without  looking back.  Be silently collecting pieces of yourself that make you whole and plant the seed, nurture it and let it grow.  You don’t need to post images of your journey, or even tell anyone.  I call this the Quiet Revolution.   You quietly emerge to your people completely new…..The more you can relish yourself with yourself, the less you crave- screen time, acknowledgement, acceptance.  You are complete and whatever happens in the little ecosystem around you, you’re immune, because you building yourself from yourself and the tools you have currently.

When you have moments of that- completeness, how does that feel?  How does that sound?  There’s something about feeling everything and not filtering, being divisive, seeing it all, then knowing and trusting the choices you make. 

 You KNOW what you’ll do, feel like, say after a while.   And in generating the experiences that make you feel fulfilled, complete, whole, intelligent and beautiful, you’ll not close your world down, you’ll open your world up to the opportunities that feed and nurture that entity.