Ritual. Yours. Define it.  I started with 1 minute of meditation a day, some clumsy movement, resembling yoga, and experimented with breathing.  Then after recognizing it’s impact; I'd engage portions of that ritual when stressful moments came up.  The daily ritual, so little effort, less time, so why does it matter and why don't more people develop ritual.  Plenty of research looks at at the effectiveness of daily ritual vs once/week.  Ritual makes a deeper impact on neurons when done more frequently.  Ritual is something you can take with you wherever you go, whoever you're with.  Ritual brings me into my baseline priorities and values, anchors my body and mind, resets the CNS and reminds me of why and who I am.  Without ritual, especially my morning ritual, I may not be able to keep my feet on the ground.  My mind would wander; my body would ache, permitting myself to follow the pain and pleasure, without direction, luring me into intangibles, leaving me disconnected and derailed.

What qualifies as ritual?  Checking emails with coffee?  Here's where it fits in my definition.  A ritual is an action performed to bring yourself outside of my ego, connecting to a broader scope of my human experience.  I lay down personal agenda and personal needs devoting myself to finding more compassion, more forgiveness, more expansiveness in my ability to serve others and be accountable for myself.  There's yoga, recognition of the breath unifying my body and a commitment to improve my intelligence.

My morning yoga started in the same way, until it grew into something more significant, and suddenly I had demo’ed my office and replaced it with a hot yoga/meditation room.  Dedicating a space to my health and wellness serves me better than consuming that space with a big office.  Now, that yoga space is my sacred spot.  Said office is relocated.  Carving a place out in your in habitation establishes territory, prioritizing your values.  You can’t ignore that devoted space and ideally, people will respect and value your commitment.

Creating possibilities to move, think or make changes to eliminate injury, manage health and deal with old trauma in your mind and body should be a priority.  It's our obligation to be accountable for our health.  Setting them into a space, by yoga, writing and otherwise delivering them somewhere, giving them credence, and an opportunity to evolve, enables you to lighten your load, dignify your goals and move on.

It's our responsibility to take ownership of ourselves through some form of intentional psychological/physical practice that connects all neuronal messaging and central nervous system activity.  To understand the comings and goings of our energy input and output, is simply our duty.  It’s up to the individual to decide how that takes place. You have to find your own tools and methods.  But the value is that we may have fewer people lashing out and reacting, and more responding with thoughtfulness.  The net result may be more people practicing life with intention, less carelessness, with fewer violent situations, and more people feeling the expansive impact of taking care of their mental and physical health.

At the risk of sounding redundant, the revolution that needs to take place, is the individual taking responsibility of one’s health, mental and physical.  Become an expert in your own health.

Look at the 500 trillion cells in our bodies, constantly dying and recreating.  Tasking out, literally rebuilding our bodies constantly.  That is multitasking, work, focus.  And collaboration.  Each cell has a task till its death. One task. If we could understand that we are capable of collaborating, to multitask, not built to accomplish all on our own, we can get stuff done on a superhuman level.  Letting go of the ego that tells us we can go after it alone, is the first stop.

Humility and brilliance

Who am I.  I’m more than what I see…..get caught up in that intrigue.