Stillness creates flow.  The stillness in your body is like drinking life, drinking love, stopping time and space when you stop talking about slow and fast, and time.  In moments of stillness you succumb to sensation of becoming immediate, in the present.  The sensation in stillness can take you outside your body and mind to open tendrils, nerves of connection, connection simply to the flow in your body, the internal movement of your cells, the fluid movement of blood, water, and lymph.  Stillness makes room for connection to the literal flow in and of our bodies where we can recognize flow is certain and absolute.  Life is movement of fluid, flow of liquids that fuel and enable circulation, regeneration, and elimination, decay.  And rebirth. 

The stillness that we talk about in meditation quiets redundant noise to make space for the awareness of flow, the constant movement underlying our life and our existence.  In that deeper motion, you find the undercurrent that is life.  And when we’re in the presence of that flow, that constant movement, we integrate our minds with that force and anything else feels excessive, unnecessary.   We start accepting that life is change, for the purpose of enable new cells to be born.  And then we KNOW that death must occur for new life to move in.

In stillness, we see our fear, ‘weaknesses’, inconsistencies, as we watch ourselves break apart slowly, maybe not so gently, until we are hanging on by toenails, or threads, or breath, or pieces of ourselves that are neglected, embarrassed, ashamed, in love, crushed by the weight of being human.   Those are the pieces that need to decay, flake off, to make room for new growth.  And the paradoxes that astonish us.  That bring us to tears, of joy or sadness, constantly.  In those moments of openness, we become capable of feeling, of linking our energy to something- and in that, we can heal and have the capacity to heal with others; to be useful, to be loved, to be of service and to feel alive, connected.  Where the humanness, and the trivial qualities of that, are justified.  You can watch life, be in awe, emote and live in the human realm of struggles.  True love, is that state of self forgiveness.  It’s not passion for a nother, but a releasing of fear, and forgiveness for all that you are, have been and will be.  In that place, torment will come, and you will still love yourself.  That other person has the capacity to understand that, but also realizes they are also on that path of forgiveness.  In forgiveness, you are capable of forgiving others. 

Stillness can cooperate in that way to bring on the lightness making room for love to take hold, be nurtured, and from there, generate the will to be patient enough to let life continue to grow, at it’s pace, uninterrupted, without criticism, that place of love is infinite.   Again, if the source of the energy is love, is openness, lightness, and unconditional awareness, the power in that life is endlessly generating. 

We are observers.  As active as we like to think we are, we observe and respond.  That’s really all we do, with different levels of energy.  We have very simple tasks here, and through stillness, we come to see both our insignificance and futility in activation, as well as our very specific role to observe, forgive and recognize life.

Observe.  Recognize.  Forgive.

Beth OlsenComment