the blueprint story


As a deep health architect, I believe our intentions shape our outcomes, our habits rule our behavior and all of that can change the world if we become accountable for our own personal mental and physical health and consumption.

We all carry history, a story.  They leave traces in our bodies, grooves that define us and shape our decision-making processes.   The grooves become our identity, sometimes without us recognizing the work they’re doing or the toll they're taking.  The grooves of time and experience are the contours, some of injury, some of joy, deepened by breath, made into scars, becoming graceful tattoos if we can retell the story in a way the enables change, and is dynamic.  Or becoming fixed scars, buried deep in our tissue, pulling down blood,  extracting healthy cells, recruiting energy, quietly penetrating other valuable resources to support the scars, the dead tissue and grow deep in our cells.. 

Unless we enable those experiences to move and the tension to be released, the injury will deepen it’s hold.   Scars carry us as hostages or heroes; our story is wrapped in a narrative of our choosing.  One of our own doing, crafted of our hands and directed by our minds.  That story is ours to tell.  Wrapped in the semantics of our choice, we shift our weight as we choose to determine where injury or joy is directed, how it’s remembered and what kind of legacy it leaves.

Deep Health is your story to write.